Pop in a Box January...

You may have seen my post in December about monthly subscription service Pop in a Box who send you a mystery Funko Pop! Vinyl each month (for £8.99 plus postage) based on your profile where you create a wishlist of the ones you want.

This is my second month subscribed and this time I received Harley Quinn with her gun. She is a very cute addiction to my growing collection!  It looks like a lot of people received her this month, and I now feel I need to get Joker to keep her company... (any excuse to buy more!)

On the subject here are some recent Pop purchases...

I highly recommend Amazon as a good place to get Pops, but avoid Zavvi at all costs, their customer service is terrible. I originally bought a Spike from them and they sent me a True Blood Pop (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ OF ALL THE NERVE!

Any other Pop collectors out there?

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  1. I love the Pop! figures. I really want a Groot one and some Disney ones :) I've got a little Harley Quinn keyring version too, complete with hammer. x


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