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Labor Day (2014)
This turned out to be a fairly good sentimental drama about a guy who escapes prison and takes a single mother and her son hostage only for them to fall in love with each other. Josh Brolin plays the nicest escaped criminal ever (especially when you see flashbacks to his crime) and Kate Winslet does a great job as the very anxious and depressed mother who is scared to leave her house. Of course the story is pretty far fetched, and a little cheesy but overall I thought it was a sweet, well acted film.

Don Jon (2014)
On the surface this almost plays out as a typical rom-com, except it's much more than that. It's a thoughtful film that looks at both men and women's irrational expectations of love and relationships thanks to the media's objectification of women, the popularity of porn, and 'fairytale' like rom-coms that always have a happy ending. All of which leave men expecting some up for anything hot girl, and women expecting a perfect prince to sweep them up from their feet. It's only when Jon realises that that he finds a meaningful relationship.  

St. Vincent (2014)
Bill Murray's performance absolutely made this film, as Vincent a quite mean, snarky old man that befriends the the new neighbours son. There were some funny moments, but overall the story was quite predicable and at times a little cringeworthingly cheesy (if cringeworthingly isn't a word it should be!) I felt like Melissa McCarthy's character was given an undeserved hard time, and Naomi Watts fake baby bump was really kind of weird. Despite all that it's well worth a watch for Bill Murray who really brought Vincent to life in a hugely entertaining way.

The Machine (2014)
This is a British sci-fi film that focuses on two computer programmers who are trying to build an android that is self aware (or alive) to help humanity, but the people above them have other ideas- they want to turn the androids into killing machines. This film tries really hard to be like Blade Runner, right down to the moody dark atmosphere and the snyth music. Although I found the supposed love story a bit rushed and stupid I still think it was an enjoyable enough film though.

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