Book review: The Wicked + The Devine volume 1...

The Wicked + The Devine is a new graphic novel series from Image comics about twelve gods, who every ninety years return as young people. The gods are only alive for two years at a time and in those two years they are treated like superstars, who are loved and adored like rock stars.

The first volume is set in present day and follows Laura who is a god fangirl and goes to all their "shows". She get caught up with god Luci (or Lucifer) who is an androgynous, snarky and stylish David Bowie-a-like who's been imprisoned for murder.

The first volume is mainly laying the foundations and setting the scene, as through Laura we slowly meet the various gods. All the gods are actually based on various deities- so far Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Japanese, and Irish gods and goddesses.    

The artwork is stunning- all the gods have distinctive looks and styles that both match the gods they are based on and icons from modern pop culture. The story is full of mystery, and intrigue plus lots of humour (and a Buffy reference ;) ) and I can't wait for the next volume to come out so I can read more.

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