Ebay picks...

Sailor Moon plush £4.41 here
Baviphat Peach All in One Peeling Gel £7.65 here
Little Twin Stars drawstring bag £3.70 here
Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint £5.15 here
Kitsch Bitch winged eyeball necklace £8.99 here
Batman mask £1.65 here

Today's Ebay picks are even more random than usual... For some reason I've had that Batman mask in my watch list for around a year. Every time I go to buy it I think "Why?! What would I do with it?" But it looks so cool. One day I will make that pointless purchase!


  1. Have you seen Ghost World? I wonder if that's why you want a Batman mask? Hehe


  2. Ghost World is my favourite film! That's a good point haha (◠‿◠)


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