Graze Box tasting....

I found this post lurking in my drafts so thought I'd post it...

Here's my thoughts on what I got in my latest Graze box...

Coffee and Walnut Cake
This contained chocolate covered coffee beans, walnuts, sponge pieces, and raisins. I love coffee and walnuts so was looking forward to tasting this one, but found it a little disappointing. The sponge pieces tasted like cardboard :/ 

This one was nice and simple, it was a mixture of dark and milk Belgian chocolate buttons and brazil nuts and was very tasty.

Brooklyn Bites
This is by far one of my favourite Graze box snacks! It's a mix of poppy seed pretzels, cheese cashews (which are more tangy than cheesy but still nice), and toasted pumpkin seeds. It's also started my new obsession with the deliciousness of pumpkin seeds. Everything in this mix goes perfectly together.

Toffee Apple
This is my all time favourite Graze snack. I could seriously eat it forever! Its dried Granny Smith apple pieces with a toffee sauce dip. It is delicious, there just needs to be more.. much more!


  1. danniella josephine3 February 2015 at 08:27

    I'm so with you on the toffee apple... I forgot all about it :O I wish you could buy it separately :(

    Dannie x

  2. it's the best, I could go some right now haha :)


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