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Birdman (2015)
An insight into fading actor Riggan Thomson former superhero, in the days leading up to the opening night of his Broadway play. We see Thomson gradually fall apart as his former glories haunt him, and those around him are all unravelling in their own way. Dark and at times hilariously funny, this is a drama that makes you question what is real and what is going on in Riggans head. Michael Keaton is brilliant and Edward Norton is particularly amusing as pretentious theatre actor Michael Shiner.

They Came Together (2014)
A rom-com that ridicules to 'same old' fairytale formula of rom-coms this is a really likeable funny film. If you hate rom-coms watch this, you'll be laughing out loud, and if you love them you probably will be too.

The Enemy (2015)
Jake Gyllenhaal is a mild mannered college professor who discovers he has a doppelgänger after watching a dvd and finding one of the actors is his exact double. He tracks him down to try and find an explanation and everything goes crazy. To put it bluntly this film is a total mind fuck! It makes you question everything, as every little detail is a puzzle piece to the story. It will leave you thinking about it long after you've watched it and cause many heated debates about the meaning (There's even a 25 minute YouTube video that tries to explain the meaning!) It's only after all that, that you realised just how warped and clever the film is.

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  1. danniella josephine2 February 2015 at 22:02

    Oh I do enjoy a good rom com, so I will be watching 'they came together' this week! :)
    I really enjoy these posts, keep them up :D

    Dannie x


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