Rilakkuma sticker and seals blind pack...

When I made my latest order with Oyatsu Cafe I couldn't resist adding this little blind pack to my basket, partly out of curiosity and mainly because I can't say no to Rilakkuma!

Inside the little pack you get a mystery card bookmark- I got this adorable macaron one, a sticker sheet- I got the cute honey themed sheet and a not particularly appetising square of gum. The gum tastes better than it looks though, and was ramune flavour.

I'm very happy with this little pack as I can never have enough bookmarks! 

There are 25 different bookmarks to collect, and 20 different sticker sheets. You can buy them here from Oyatsu Cafe, and right now they are in their flash sale for just 58p each!

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  1. danniella josephine8 March 2015 at 19:57

    You definitely need a bookmark with all these books you have been reading! :)

    Dannie x


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