Japanese snacks: Kabaya Pudding Chocolates (Puchi Purin Choco)...


Firstly how kawaii is the tub that these chocolates come in?! Secondly, when you peel back the lid you get a beautiful sweet vanilla scent just like a vanilla cupcake Yankee Candle. That's definitely a good start!

These cute little chocolates are shaped just like a chocolate topped pudding, and are delicious. The taste that first hits you is the milk chocolate- which isn't too sweet but nice and smooth, but then you get the beautiful rich vanilla caramel flavour. 

Inside the pot you get a very generous amount, which is just as well as they are very moreish. I'd definitely recommend giving these a try for yourself- I got mine here from Japan Centre for £1.19. 


  1. The packaging is the cutest! They sound super yummy! xo

  2. danniella josephine8 March 2015 at 19:51

    These sound so good :)!

    Dannie x



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