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Before I Go To Sleep (2013)
I wasn't a huge fan of the book it's based on (review here) but was interested to see how the story worked as a film. There were a few changes here and there which seemed unnecessary, but overall I thought the film was predictable and a little silly. I think changing the diary to a video diary was strange (although understandable) and the film lacked the suspense of the book. 2/5

Lars and the Real Girl (2007)
This was a strange and hugely likeable film about Lars, a socially awkward loner who announces that he has a girlfriend that he's met online, but she happens to be a life size doll who he believes is real. It was a funny, and very touching story that portrays how lonliness, and family trauma can affect people. A very sweet film! 4/5

May (2002)
I stumbled on this film on Netflix and decided to give it a watch. It's a strange psychological horror about a young woman named May, who is a little eccentric and desperate to make friends. When all of her attempts go badly she decides to make her own friend. This was weirdly good, and I liked the Frankenstein like story. 3/5 

What have you been watching recently?

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