The Sweet Club subscription box...

Today's post is all about a brilliant new subscription box called The Sweet Club. The Sweet Club offer a fortnightly or monthly subscription service where you can pick 8 different sweets from their huge selection (including lots of pick'n'mix classics, and US candy) and get them posted to your door with free p&p. Yum! 

As soon as I found out about them I couldn't resist ordering a box to try, and spent ages trying to decide which sweets to choose- there's so much yumminess! As you can see I settled on Rosey Apples, Milk Chocolate Cashews (these are seriously GOOD), Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs, a Jelly Belly selection, and some of my favourites from childhood- Cable Apples, Sour Peaches, Milk Shakes, and Yellow Bellies. 

My box arrived the next day and the portions are incredibly generous making me one very happy customer! I think this is a great subscription idea, and would make a great nostalgic gift too. The box arrived gift wrapped, and would also make a great Easter gift as an alternative to eggs. They are well worth checking out, and they also have an introductory price too.

Right now I'm going to overload on sugar... 

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  1. Ultimate yum!!! Now I officially cannot wait for my box to arrive :')


  2. Oh wow! I received a similar box from a different service but this one is much more impressive! xo

  3. There's lots of yummy sweets to choose from! :)

  4. Definitely great value, and a nice treat too! :)

  5. You need to blog about yours so I can nose at what you got! :p


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