Book review: Day Four by Sarah Lotz*

Day Four is the follow up book to The Three, which I reviewed recently and loved. Set a few years after the events of the first book it takes place on a cruise ship. After four days the electricity fails leaving the passengers stranded in the water with no way to call for help. Then everything goes downhill! A norovirus begins to spread, a passenger is found dead, the food begins to run out, people start seeing ghosts, and an on board psychic begins to act very strange. 

Although billed as a sequel this could easily work as a stand alone book, despite the occasional nods throughout to The Three. Lotz switches from the documentary style of the first book to third person here, as we get to see the events from a number of characters points of view. There is definitely a very creepy element to this book, and Lotz is great at building up the suspense.

We get a variety of interesting characters including a phoney psychic and her assistant, the ships doctor, a blogger, on board security and a maid. All of them brought something interesting to the story.

The biggest thing Day Four has in common with The Three is the themes of the power of fear and panic, and how people act in these situations. Again this is what I enjoyed the most (and also found the most frightening!) I found the ending very mysterious but also satisfying, it just worked very well.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. If you like your thrillers creepy, and full of suspense then you need to check this series out. I can imagine Lotz going in all sorts of directions with this series, and I hope there are more books to come!  

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  1. danniella josephine9 June 2015 at 13:41

    Eeee, this does sound rather creepy! Might not be good for the cruise industry though ;)

    Great review chick :) you always read such interesting books!

    Dannie x


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