Favourite books of 2015 so far...

Seeing as it's over half way through the year I thought I would do a round up of my favourite books that I've read in 2015. These are all books I've given either 4 or 5 stars for on Goodreads (I've had so many 3 star books this year...) 

The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer
A very touching story of Matthew and his experiences living with schizophrenia, and also coming to terms with the death of his younger brother as a child. This is at times very sad- but a beautiful read, written in an honest and warm conversational tone with lots of humour too. Full review here.

Still Alice by Lisa Genova
I'm still yet to see the film adaption of Still Alice, a book about fifty something college professor Alice who finds out she has early onset Alzheimer's disease. As you can tell I enjoy reading books about mental illness and this one was written with such warmth and optimism whilst also giving a detailed portrayal that gave me a whole new insight into an illness that I previously didn't know much about. A hugely interesting and emotional read. Full review here.

The First Bad Man by Miranda July
The brilliantly strange story of Cheryl a forty something neurotic whose life gets thrown into chaos when her bosses daughter comes to stay with her. Miranda July has a beautiful way with words and manages to weave a dark, funny, and heart warming story of loneliness, wanting to be loved and motherhood. Full review here.

The Farm by Tom Rob Smith
A dark multi layered psychological crime thriller mostly set in rural Sweden. Daniel gets a phone call out of the blue from his father telling him his Mum is ill and is in a mental hospital, and that he should believe nothing she says. Soon after he gets a call from his Mum telling him that his father is lying, she's not mad and has uncovered a crime. Daniel and the reader then have to decide who is telling the truth, and whether a whole town is trying to uncover a string of dark crimes. A brilliant fast paced, suspense filled read! Full review here.

The Three by Sarah Lotz
Written in documentary style this charts the strange incidents occurring after Black Thursday; a day that four planes crash around the globe with only three children surviving. Full of twists and suspense I found this at times a little terrifying! Brilliantly written, and a clever look at the power of fear with an ending I had no idea was coming. Full review here.

Day Four by Sarah Lotz
A somewhat sequel to The Three, this time set aboard a cruise ship that becomes stranded and chaos ensues. More traditional horror than the first book, but with plenty of interesting characters and plot twists this kept me on the edge of my seat. Full review here.

What are your favourite books of 2015 so far?

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