Lately... June

On the 13th I had to go into hospital for surgery so took it as an excuse to stock up on some stuff to occupy my whilst I was recovering. I watched What We Do In The Shadows straight away though as I've been dying to see this! It's brilliant :)

On the 27th it was my nieces fourth Birthday, I can't believe how quick the time has gone! We had a little party for her and she had a great time in her new Belle dress. I bought her the Jack Skellington and Zero Funko Pops as The Nightmare Before Christmas is her favourite film. She was very happy with them, I'm slowly getting everyone addicted to pops!

I recently discovered Ambivalently Yours through Instagram and have fallen in love with her artwork. The quirky creepy style appeals to me but I also love the messages her pieces convey.

My sister surprised me with a get well present of the Poison Ivy Vinyl Vixen. I love these figures they are great quality and so cute.

Other stuff...

  I've been addicted to YouTube channels Decocookie and Japanesestuff as well as EmmyMadeinJapan and Screen Junkies (I love their honest trailers.)

 I've also been buying way more tee shirts than I should from Tee Fury and Qwertee. I've got in the habit of checking their sites daily which is bad for my bank balance!

 I've just started watching series 3 of Orange is the New Black. I hate to say it but so far it's just not been on the same level as the amazing-ness of the first two series. Hopefully it will get better... 

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