Birthday haul...

Yesterday was my Birthday and I had a lovely relaxed day that included M&S salted caramel cheesecake (yum) and being totally spoilt with a super cool selection of presents. Personally I love haul/ present posts and do them every year so here is this years...

Of course books! Including a load of the Penguin Little Black Classics to add to my growing collection, and some DVDs. 

The Harley Quinn Vinyl Vixen! I now have all of them until Batgirl is released :) The egg shaped panda is a toothbrush UV sanitiser (and I'm the kind of person that thinks this is a really cool gadget!) Also some Quentin Tarantino merchandise (which I collect.) 

Some random bits and pieces here including Adventure Time top trumps (another thing I collect...) Breaking Bad pins (yep, collect pin badges too...) and a pretty candle holder. 

A Furiousa top from TeeFury which was a present to myself and a donut money box (also collect donut stuff!!) 

 More books... these DK books are so well put together- packed full of interesting stuff and lovely artwork (and I know this is getting silly, but I collect the DK books!) 

Finally some colouring books- as somone with anxiety disorder I can thoroughly recommend colouring books as a great way to de-stress. 

So the lesson learnt from this post is that I collect an insane amount of things! On the plus side I think it makes me easy to buy presents for as everyone got me amazing stuff :)

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