July reading round up...

The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe
One of the Penguin Little Black Classics, it features three short stories from the master of the macabre. All three were creepy, and full of suspense but my favourite was the title story about an unnamed character desperately trying to convince the reader of their sanity whilst inadvertently convincing us otherwise as he tells his murderous tale. 4/5

Psychology a Graphic Guide by  Nigel C. Benson
This was great little book that gave a broad introduction to Psychology. It was jam packed full of interesting information that didn't waste time with filler and was written in an easy to understand way. It was constantly throwing facts at you so the pictures on each page added a bit of humour to help break it up and be more easily digestible. 4/5 

You by Caroline Kepnes
A dark thriller about New Yorker Joe, a stalker who becomes obsessed with Beck and will stop at nothing to make her his, even if it means killing anyone that gets in his way. Told from his own perspective, this is dark, funny and sinister and you will start to question who's side you are on! Full review soon. 4/5

The Lemon Grove by Helen Walsh
I wanted to try and broaden my reading horizons a little, and try reading some books from genres I usually tend to avoid which led me to The Lemon Grove. About Jenn a middle aged woman on holiday in Mallorca with her husband, step daughter and her boyfriend Nathan, she finds herself attracted and increasingly obsessed with Nathan and they begin a risqué affair. I felt like it was trying too hard to be sexy and shocking and in my opinion was neither. In conclusion this is not the genre for me! 2/5

The First Bad Man by Miranda July
Typically strange and full of eccentric characters this is July's debut novel about Cheryl a neurotic and lonely middle aged woman whose life gets turned upside down when she agrees to have her bosses daughter to stay. As usual With July this is beautifully written and very weird yet relateable and I really enjoyed it. Full review here. 4/5

Lazarus Vol. 2 by Greg Rucka & Michael Lark
I actually preferred this volume a little more to the first one as the story became much more interesting, and new characters where introduced- which I hope we see much more of. We also got to learn more about Lazurus herself and her childhood. Although not mind blowing (or in the same league as the likes of Saga, and Rat Queens etc...) I will definitely continue with this series. 3/5

The Wicked + the Devine Vol.2 by Gillen McKelvie & Wilson Cowles
Yet again the artwork in this is STUNNING- the colours especially blew me away. This is definitely one of my top comics of the year, lot's of interesting characters, great story and I love the concept...also it was left on a major cliffhanger leaving me desperate to know what happens next. 4/5

A God Somewhere by John Arcudi & Peter Snejbjerg
A graphic novel which asks the question how does an ordinary man cope when he inadvertently ends up with superhero god-like powers, and what is it like for the people around him. Told from the perspective of his best friend this could have been a really thoughtful and interesting book, but it ended up being a gore fest that forgot to bother with character progression and just opted to change whole personalities in the space of a panel with no explanation. 2/5

My favourite single issues this month are all Marvel! Giant Size Little Marvel: Avengers Vs X Men, X-Men '92 (reliving my childhood with this beautiful new series!), and Inhumans: Attilan Rising.

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