Lately... July

My very yellow planned July tbr, which I didn't stick to!

Reading Marvel's Inhumans Atilan Rising. I love Medusa!

I've been into curly hair lately- the lazy way. I just twist and roll sections after washing then pin it and go to bed, then in the morning take it out to get crazy curly hair!

On my Instagram lately: cats and food *instagram cliché alert!* the food is a recent Oyatsu Cafe order- look out for reviews of all of it soon! 

♥ Celebrating starting a new job, enrolling at uni, and going over the stone threshold of weight loss!

♥ Hinting without subtlety that I would love the Doctor Who Funko Pops for my Birthday at the beginning of August.

Feeling nostalgic and looking up old kids TV shows I used to love on YouTube like She-Ra,  Rude Dog & the Deebs, The Queen's Nose, and The Animals of Farthing Wood.

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