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Jurassic World
I think I may be in the minority here when I say I really didn't enjoy this. Jurassic Park was one of my childhood favourites, and I feel like Jurassic World has copied it but took all the good bits out. So instead we get annoying, clich├ęd characters that I didn't care what happened too (how stupid where those kids?!), no storyline, not enough tongue in cheek humour and just lots of noisy action. (bring back Dr. Ian Malcolm and his chaos theory!)  

Marvel's Ant-Man on the other hand was lots more fun. A decent enough storyline, great visual effects and plenty of humour. It played up the fact that the powers of Ant-Man do sound a bit rubbish and had fun with it. Looking forward to seeing Paul Rudd make an appearance in Civil War. My only moan is that we didn't get to see The Wasp in action- hopefully we will in the future.

Parks and Recreation
I've only just discovered the amazingness of this show and so have spent most of my free time marothoning it. It really is hilarious and I love Ron Swanson! 

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