Primark haul...

It's been forever since I've been to Primark and after payday decided to go in with the specific plan of getting a certain item I'd seen on Instagram for my sister. As usual they didn't have it, but after walking round the shop looking for it I ended up  with the inevitable armful of stuff!
I got some pineapple and ghost nails- both too cute  to resist. I also found out Primark now stock Tokidoki! Tokidoki stuff usually tends to be on the expensive side, but there was tons of cheap stationery stuff so I bought a notebook for £2.50. (I've now officially overdosed on notebooks!) 

I bought a big tinned candle and small lilac candle holder both reduced to a £1 each and a pastel purple throw for £3.90. It is amazingly snugly and soft and goes perfect on my new-but second had office chair. 

Lastly I got this bag- I've needed one for a while as I've been just using a tote bag. This is the perfect size to fit all my work stuff in and has a shoulder strap.

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