Payday haul...

Admittedly most of this stuff is from last payday, but because I mainly shop online it's only just all arrived, but I do love a good haul...

 There isn't a month that goes by without me buying a pop. Most of the pops I bought this month are Christmas presents for all the people I've passed my obsession onto! Yes, I'm buying Xmas presents already... ( Γ˚Д˚)Γ I could't resist getting a few to add to my collection, they are all from the Amazon seller Game Dealz and were just £7.99 each! 

In Primark I bought some cool jewellery from their Halloween section (who else is ridiculously excited for Halloween?!), a red and black shirt from the mens section, and a faux leather biker jacket (just £14!) which I've already started to add pins to :)

And of course comics ;) here are the trades I got... I've had Lumberjanes on pre-order for ages so can't wait to read it, and thought Wytches would be a good October read. 

Finally the single issues I bought. This is me trying to cut down... must try harder! I have a few cool additions to my Catwoman collection, and an old copy of IT Girl and the Atomics by Michael Allred as I love his art. 

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