Unicorns Unite...

L-R Horn of Magic, Magical, Throne, Depraved, Legend 

Since my camera broke I've been putting off doing beauty posts as my phone camera quality is not great, and swatches don't come out too well. But I couldn't resist writing a post about the new lip collection from Make Up Revolution called Unicorns Unite (the name had me instantly) a collection of mostly purple shades. As a purple fiend I couldn't say no.

I've only just got round to trying MU Rev after a friend sent me some bits, and I was really impressed. They are a very affordable brand (these lipsticks cost just £1 each of £4 for the full set) and the pigmentation is fairly good (they do go on sheerer than the bullet but they are build-able). I also love that they have a huge range of lipsticks that totally veer off the reds/pinks/nudes track. It's also worth noting they are a cruelty free brand.

My favourite shade is Magical a shimmery bluish purple, but they work well when you mix a few together too (Magical and Legend make a lovely purple grey.) Depraved isn't from the Unicorn collection, but it went so well I had to include it! The lipsticks wear really well, and I would definitely recommend them (they are also a great alternative to a certain unicorn themed make up brand we shall not name!)

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