My favourite new comic book series...

One of my passions is comics, so I thought I'd share some of my favourite new series...

One of my new favourites from Marvel is A-Force. A-Force started as a brilliant five issue run in May introducing an all female Avengers team. Led by She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Nico Minoru, and one of my favourite Marvel characters Medusa the series features all the Marvel women you could think of and more- even if it's just in the glorious splash pages. It was so popular that it has been kept on and a new story has just started so look out for the new issue 1!

Zodiac Starforce
This is a new series from Dark Horse Comics about a group of badass friends who have magical powers and are pretty good at fighting monsters whilst trying to survive school. The girls powers are all based on zodiac signs and they are all diverse, interesting and flawed characters. I would describe it as a mix of Sailor Moon and Buffy with a bit of the Jem and the Hologram comics thrown in. The artwork for this series is also stunning and the vibrant and often pastel colours are beautiful.This is currently on issue 3, but it's still easy to find the first two.

DC Bombshells
So you can probably tell by my choices that I'm a big fan of comics with badass women in, which leads me to Bombshells, a new series from DC Comics featuring the ladies of DC fighting on the front lines and behind the scenes in an alternate universe World War II. If that doesn't sound cool enough it features the iconic artwork that started off as a collection of vintage themed statues. We are gradually getting introduced to all their stories but so far the comics have featured the likes of Wonder Woman, Mera, Batwoman, Catwoman, Joker's Daughter, Supergirl and Zatanna to name a few. Written and drawn by a female team this series gives a whole new side to the characters. Current issue is 4 but you can still easily find the others.

Paper Girls
This is a new series from Image Comics written by Brian K. Vaughan (writer of masterpieces like Saga, and Y: The Last Man) and features the artwork Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman, Black Canary). Set in the early hours of Halloween night in 1988 it follows four paper girls who uncover the most important story of all time. Described as Stand By Me meets War of the Worlds this is promising to be a story full of intrigue. Aside from the suspenseful story, the artwork and colours are bloody amazing! So many beautiful pastels and 80s retro goodness :) This is currently on issue 2, but again the first is easy to find still.

Another new series from Image this is ’50s pulp with an ’80s VHS visual aesthetic described as 'a noir story set in a world that flatly refuses to adhere to noir conventions.' It follows a detective with no memory, a femme fatale trying to escape a crime lord, a tv that eats goats and a voodoo queen who loves mixtapes. Billed as 'neon noir' (which is a pretty cool term) and inspired by the likes of Carpenter, Cronenberg and Lynch. I've read the first issue and it has definitely got me hooked, oh and look at those colours! Issue 1 is out now.

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