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 Crimson Peak (2015)
Wannabe writer Edith falls for the mysterious Sir Thomas Sharpe and moves to his remote gothic mansion in England with his even stranger sister Lady Lucille. She soon realises the house hides many dark secrets and ghosts and tries to unravel the mystery. This film looked amazing, the house in particular was a gothic masterpiece. The story was dark and intriguing- full of classic horror eeriness and high dramatics. 4/5 

It Follows (2015)
After Jay sleeps with her new boyfriend she learns he has passed on a curse where death will follow her literally in the form of various people only she can see. Beautifully shot, with a brilliant synthy soundtrack this film is totally original whilst also drawing on the classic horror strengths of high tension and suspense. Genuinely creepy this is the best horror I've seen in a while. 4/5

Horns (2013)
A guy wakes up one morning to find he has grown horns and his day goes downhill from there. I enjoyed this film even though it couldn't decide whether it was a dark comedy, a romance or a horror so just switched between the three. It was at its best when it was a twisted comedy as the romance parts dragged and the religious twist at the end didn't make much sense and just seemed stupid. The film looked good and the music was brilliant. 3.5/5

Ouija (2014)
This was a dumb predictable horror about a group of school friends who open a portal to a demon and have to close it else they'll all die blah blah blah. The only entertaining bit was guessing which order they'd get killed off. 2/5

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