Lush Boxing Day sale...

*a.k.a Lush: take my goddamn money

This December I worked so much overtime that I allowed myself to go a little full on crazy in the sales. As usual my first stop on Boxing Day is Lush (online of course, I ain't leaving my bed early on Boxing Day!) I had to work the 26th this year (boo) but managed to put an order in before I left and as usual the website was freaking out so I just added loads of stuff to my basket and hoped for the best. 

It turns out I added a lot to my basket and when two big boxes were delivered (in super quick time) my reaction was a little...

Part shame part glee that I had so many damn bath bombs. It's not all for me though and It means that I will be fully stocked up with Lush stuff till next Christmas (at least!)

Did you get any good bargains in the sales?

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