Indie brand: Gemma Flack

I first discovered Australian artist Gemma Flack after her zine featured in a comic book subscription service called Landfall Freight and I'd watched an unboxing (I would definitely sub to this if the shipping to UK wasn't so expensive). 

Anyway, I looked her up on etsy and bought the Imaginary Girl Bands zine there. I absolutely love her art style and her shop is filled with zines, stickers and prints featuring fierce ladies. My zine arrived in an envelope covered in cute drawings and came with some stickers and a cute card. The zine itself is pretty explanatory- imaginary girl band profiles, my favourites are Suga 'N' Kandi (on the cover) and The Secretaries. Everything is presented so beautifully I want to stick it all up on my walls! I already have a long list of things I want to buy from her shop including the High Anxiety Comic and the girlfaces in space stickers- if you love cute illustrations and baddass ladies please check out her links below.

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