Indie Brand: Weili Wonka

Sometimes when I'm bored I like to type random stuff that I like into the search bar on Etsy and see what comes up. This is how I found Birmingham based Malaysian artist Weili Wonka after searching Adventure Time. I straight away fell in love with this beautiful AD illustration and it was an instant buy. I love the colours, and the candy by Princess Bubblegum, Marceline's cute face and BMO's goofy expression. 

I already have my eye on the Bee and Puppycat print and Studio Ghibli stickers. I was also kindly sent a ridiculously cute postcard with my order and a thank you note that had a little drawing of Princess Bubblegum. That's what I love about shopping with independent artists and shops :) One thing I would say is that a carded envelope would have been better than a jiffy bag as the corners got a little bent, but that's just a small thing. If you love all things cute please check out the links below! 

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