Japanese candy: Fettuccine peach gummi...

Since I was very lucky and received a big box of Japanese candy and snacks for Christmas It's meant I can start up my snack reviews again. The first thing I picked out to try are these Fettuccine Peach Gummis.

I am a huge fan of peach flavoured candy, and these are very soft strips which have a slightly tangy flavour which is balanced perfectly with the sugar coating. They are very moorish, although if you don't want to eat the whole pack at once they have a resealable package... not necessary in my case! 

All in all a very tasty soft candy, and they get top marks in the squish factor which is very important in making a good gummy as far as I'm concerned! ;)

You can find a huge array of Japanese candy at Oyatsu Cafe*
*affiliate link 

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