Latest beauty buys...

It's been a long time since I've bought much beauty related, but I'd run out of a bunch of things so needed a restock! I've been using up all my samples of the Etude House Moistful Collagen face cream so decided to get a full sized pot. I love this stuff- it's really moisturising but nice and light on the skin and has definitely helped with dry patches. I also got the Facial Stick, I'm not exactly sure why other than I thought it sounded cool! 

I've ran out of my favourite Holika Holika primer but couldn't find any anywhere to buy so decided to try the Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura Moisturising primer as it's from the same range as my BB Cream so hopefully they will work well together.

I needed a new face scrub and the Holika Holika Gonyak Soft Jelly Scrub has been sitting in my Ebay watchlist forever so decided to go for it. It really is very jelly like, it's all thick and squidgy but strangely nice... A total impulse buy was the Etude House Natural Konjac Face Cleansing Puff. This is super soft (and it's quite satisfying to use as a stress ball!) but it is actually really lovely to use with cleaser- my skin has been so much softer since I've been using it.

Finally, in the Amazon Boxing Day sales I bought the real Techniques eye brush starter set for £9.99. I needed some new eye brushes- the shadow brushes are lovely although I'm not so keen on the liner brush but overall it's a nice set and I love the colour.

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