Payday haul...

I bought a couple of palettes from the Illamasqua sale- they are one of my favourite make up brands but I tend to buy most stuff in their sales as they are on the pricey side. I've been using the hell out of the Multi Facet palette in Semblance which I got for the bargain of £13.60! I also got a few Korean make up bits which I will review individually and some random Tesco buys.

These are most of my comic pulls for February. So many great issues!  It feels like forever since the last issue of Zodiac Starforce, but the beautiful cover by Babbs Tarr makes it worth the wait- speaking of Tarr the Batgirl issue featuring Black Canary is pretty special too :)

I bought these Pops at the beginning of January but as they were coming from the US they took a while to arrive. Lily Munster is possibly my new favourite, and I love the blood covered Helena from Orphan Black too!

This Doctor Who tee from Qwertee GLOWS IN THE DARK!! I'm so excited to try it out :D Random buy of the month goes to this cute Batgirl Super Best Friends trinket box with changeable heads!  

After trying out the Toni & Guy shampoo and conditioner that I got in the sales I am hooked. My hair is looking so much more healthier and shiny that I stocked up on the stuff. I bought two sets from ASOS as it was cheaper than buying individual bottles. To bump up my order for free postage I also got a Bourjious eyeshadow pencil.

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