American candy

If you like American candy and chocolate but don't want to pay crazy prices I'd recommend checking out the bargain shops (like Poundland, Home Bargains, B&M etc...) I will often stock up on Reeces, Cookie Dough and Nerds for cheap. The other day I found this cup in Home Bargains packed full of American candy for just £1.99.  

My favourites from the cup were the Cow Tales (It looks like an apple pencil but it's chewy caramel wrapped round vanilla fondant and was yum!) and the cotton candy flavour Dum Dums which was a lollipop that tasted exactly like candy floss. The lemonade wild cherry nerds were pretty good too. My least favourite was the Tootsie Roll, I've never had one before but it's a chocolate flavour chew- it didn't taste of chocolate it had more of a coco powder taste and it was disgusting! I wasn't brave enough to try the Atomic Fire Ball...

Mainly this post is an excuse to post these pictures because I thought they were nice and colourful and it's not very often my phone camera takes such decent images! :)

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