Etude House Magic Pole mascara...

I find it so hard to find a non high end mascara that I love (recommendations please!) and realised I hadn't tried a mascara from Etude House before. I opted to try the Magic Pole mascara because frankly I liked the packaging. There is either a volume or curl option- I went for curl because I didn't like the look of the volume brush. 

The gimmick with this mascara is that it has a kind of dome at the end of the brush to get to the inner lashes. I wasn't the hugest fan of this mascara, it made my lashes look really short, although to be fair it did kind of curl them- I've found this works best layered over another mascara. I also found it goes a little crispy and isn't the easiest to remove. On the plus side the brush is good for getting the little lashes and well the packaging is very nice!

It looks like the search is still on...

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