Lately: February...

I feel like this month I have mostly been either working or writing essays for uni, but I did go for my first ever afternoon tea this month. I'm not the biggest cake fan to be honest but it was really nice and the scones were yummy!

This month I finally acquired all five issues of Paper Girls so was able to read them. I will be posting a review in my Feb reading round up but lets just say it's firmly in my favourite comic series list now! Has Brian K. Vaughn ever done anything less than amazing...? 

Wow... this month has been so uneventful- I'm really struggling for pictures here! So here's a lovely piece by artist Agnes Garbowska. I discovered her recently after loving her variant covers for the Jem and the Holograms comics.


❤ I really enjoyed this post by Fine and Dandy: 10 reasons why I suck at adulting. I can definitely relate!

I'm trying so hard to resist buying this Princess Bubblegum/ Marceline tee from TeeFury

❤ This post about anxiety at work is pretty great

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