New books...

Calm by Michael Acton Smith
This book has been sitting in my Amazon wishlist for ages, as someone who struggles with anxiety it appealed to me (and also I loved the cover!) It's true the book is designed beautifully but the contents is a little meh- there's the usual stuff about a good nights sleep, meditation, baths and also slightly more weirdly flower pressing. There's 2 pages that say about reading some poetry then just list some poets! I think it's kind of style over substance but it will be a nice book to have a flick through.

The Collected Poems of Thomas Hardy
One of my all time favourite poems is Neutral Tones by Thomas Hardy, but I realised I haven't actually read much more of his work so picked up this book. It turns out it's a huge 900 pages and I think it contains every single one of his poems! There's also an introduction which talks about Hardy's life and is quite interesting. So far I've only dipped into this a few times but I've already found some new favourites. 

All The Rage by Courtney Summers
I've heard some great things about this YA book about a girl who is raped by the sheriff's son and people refuse to believe her until a girl goes missing. This deals with how she copes, and her refusal to be a victim. I'm not a huge YA reader but I'm looking forward to reading this one.

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