Payday haul... March

 This month was a bad anxiety month so I went a little overboard (or more overboard than usual...) on the random spending. My Mum surprised my with some adorably cute Tokidoki stationery- How cute is that milk carton pencil case?! I also bought a pink and sparkly drink cup from Primark which I've been using non stop. Also nice stuff that cheered me up: Adventure Time stickers, Sailor Moon badges, Yankee Candle bits, some nice felt tip pens for colouring in, Jem & the Holograms vol 1 (reviewed here) and My Little Pony kinder eggs (I am a big kid and am really impressed with how decent these are!)

I also got some dvds I've been wanting to watch and a couple more of the Penguin Little Black books. Oh and I'm currently obsessed with anything Daim related- those Cadbury eggs are so good- the amount of bags of those I have consumed is shocking!

I got a couple more figures to add to my collection- both were bargains from Zavvi and Amazon respectively. I told myself I wasn't going to start collecting Dorbz but this one is too cute. I also got one for my four year old niece as she is currently obsessed with 'the best baddie poisonous Ivy' and dressed up as her last week for school and looked very cool!
And finally my recent comic pulls, including a beautiful cover for The Wicked + the Devine by Grimes.

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