Doctor Who haul...

I recently found out through a geeky facebook group I'm part of that the BBC shop is closing down and is having a huge sale to clear their stock. I wasted no time in having a mini Doctor Who spree. I got all this for under £20 so I'm pretty chuffed.

My two favourite Doctors are nine and ten so I got an anniversary piece from each. A mug for nine and a framed print for ten. The designs feature a silhouette of each Doctor that is filled with key characters from their time and I love that both have Rose in as she's my favourite companion. 

I also got a few comics from the ninth Doctors series (one I've been wanting to check out for a while) and some figures, including an amusing transparent tenth Doctor...

The mug has the ninth Doctors first and last quote on too :)

Finally my pre ordered Rose Tyler Funko Pop arrived! Of course she had to be reunited with ten :''''''')

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