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When I was a teenager I used to collect badges and lately that obsession has stretched to include pin badges. Punky Pins is an online store I've bought from often over the years and was very happy to see the launch of their enamel and acrylic pin line. As soon as I saw the Enid Coleslaw pin it was an instant buy.

I'm sure I've mentioned Enid a lot on this blog but she is the main character in my favourite graphic novel Ghost World by Daniel Clowes (and the film adaption also happens to be my favourite film!) I'd highly recommend both and Enid is probably my favourite fictional character of all time.

The enamel pin is pretty perfect- the detail is amazing and it's really well made. I also couldn't resist these two X Files themed acrylic pins. Scully's bulky mobile phone with the words 'Mulder it's me' and a colourful play on Mulders 'I want to believe' poster. Again both are well made with thick plastic and how cute are the backing cards?

Two confessions though: 1. I've already made another order for more pins and 2. I've long run out of space on my fake leather jacket. I might have to get a pin board to display them!

Punky Pins website

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