Lately: April...

 My Adventure Time gang! I've since used this list to get Princess Bubblegum, BMO, and LSP the main three I wanted yay!

This month I put myself on a book buying ban seeing as my TBR shelf is so out of control. So I decided to buy lots of comic trades instead! To be fair I go through these a lot quicker and have already starting working my way through this lovely pile. Also how cute is the Black Widow Tsum Tsum!

I'm a Powerpuff Girl! I had way too much fun with this. Have a go here!

This sums up my work life perfectly right now...


❤ Two interesting takes on the whole Kim Kardashian/ empowerment debate here and here

❤ I love this mash up of the X-Men and Rainbow Brite

❤ The Vision in a jumper is one of my new favourite things, and I also love this alternative trailer for Civil War... go Hawkeye!

❤ It's not long until Free Comic Book Day 2016, here's a full list of the titles

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