Lately... May

One of my favourite things about May is the beautiful blossom on the trees, it always cheers me up :) 

May has mainly involved writing my end of year essay, although the procrastination ratio was high. It's all done and handed in and now I'm off for the whole Summer Yay! I've also completed my first year of my degree so I'm really chuffed with myself :)

I'm finally starting to get to the bottom of my Lush stash! I've been enjoying reading and Lush baths to de-stress in between work work work.

This month was Free Comic Book Day and I had a great time geeking it up (post here). This is a page from a cool Black Widow kids reading book my sister got for my niece on the day.

Because I had to get my essay done and I'm easily distracted I banned myself from starting any new shows so I rewatched some Arrested Development. I've watched each episode a million times but it never stops being hilarious. The Gene Parmesan episode is one of my favourites I love Lucille's "GEEEEENE" reaction so much! 


❤ I'm currently obsessed with comedy duo Keegan & Peele and these sketches are hilarious (here and here)

❤ If you are a Breaking Bad fan you will definitely enjoy Bryan Cranston's Super Sweet 60...

❤ This piece about Captain America and masculinity is a pretty interesting read. 

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