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Cloud Atlas (2012)
I spent the first 40 minutes of this film having absolutely no idea what the hell was going on, then all of a sudden it clicked. Set in various eras telling interconnecting stories it features the same actors (with the help of very skilled make up artists) playing various roles. The concept is that it follows their souls through time and how different actions can have such huge effects. You could possibly find this pretentious but I found it really poignant and some of the lines were beautiful. Probably my favourite era was the story set in a future Korea about a human clone who learns what she really is and forms a rebellion. 4/5

Revolutionary Road (2008)
In the same vein as American Beauty (and also directed by Sam Mendes) this is a look at the reality behind suburbia as married couple Frank who is unhappy in his job and April who is unfulfilled as a 1950s housewife search for something more. Kate Winslet is amazing in this and manages to perfectly portray April's depression with such realism it's heartbreaking. The film itself shows the darker side to marriage and isn't in the slightest bit a cheery watch, and sometimes it feels a little disjointed but overall it's worth watching for Winslet's performance alone. 3/5

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
After the huge wave of negative reviews I went to watch this with apprehension and came out a little confused as to why it has been so slated. Yes there are a lot of plot holes (Age of Ultron anyone?), there was a few scenes that could have been cut out, and Luthor is played a little too close to The Joker but overall I really enjoyed it. Batfleck was actually pretty decent, I enjoyed the overall dark tone of the film, with Wonder Woman being the highlight. The music was brilliant (Wonder Woman's theme blew me away) and I am now very much looking forward to The Justice League and WW solo film. Forget what the critics say, go see it! 3.5/5

Baby Mama (2008)
I love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler but this film just didn't do it for me. About a woman (Fey) looking to find a surrogate after learning she is unable to have a baby she ends up with a woman her total opposite. I felt like it could have been really fun but just ended up following the cliched rom-com route, and I'm just not a fan of that genre. 2/5

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