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The Ides of March (2011)
A political drama focusing on Governor Morris and the people in his team and opposition as he is on the campaign trail. Morris' press secretary Meyers played by Ryan Gosling believes in integrity but learns an important lesson when spiralling events change everything. This was a well acted and enjoyable drama! 3/5

Special Correspondents (2016)
I used to really enjoy Ricky Gervais stuff but the last few years I've been disappointed with his output. This is a Netflix exclusive film and aside from a couple of laughs it was an over the top and clich├ęd film about two radio correspondents who fake their own kidnap. None of the characters were particularly likeable, I like Vera Farmega, and felt for her as she tried to make the most of the one dimensional cold hearted bitch her character was written as but everything fell flat and all the characters were 2D stereotypes, including Gervais questionable attempts to play a geeky looser. 2/5  

Ask Me Anything (2014)
This was a random Netflix find about a teenage girl who starts an anonymous blog to talk frankly about her life. It started as a frothy and shallow YA film as it gradually got darker as you saw the direction Katie's life was descending in. I found I didn't realise how good the film was until the sledgehammer ending which put a whole new perspective to everything that happened and really gave you food for thought about social media and how teenage girls are treated. I really recommend giving this a watch. 4/5 

Kelly & Cal (2014)
An unhappy new mother moves to a new neighbourhood and makes an unlikely friend in teenage wheelchair user Cal. I mainly watched this because it has Juliette Lewis in and although she was great the film kind of annoyed me. I feel like it was trying to be feel good but I found Cal to be really self entitled and unlikeable and he seemed to spend a lot of time treating Kelly unfairly and have temper tantrums if he didn't get his way, where as Kelly spent too much time apologising to people and being made to feel bad when she hadn't really done anything wrong. To be completely honest I was really shocked to find it was written and directed by women... 2/5 

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