Kracie Otanoshimi Strawberry and Chocolate Japanese candy kit...

I haven't posted any Japanese snack reviews in ages so thought I'd show you this easy candy kit today that I found in my stash. With this kit you can make a strawberry flavour neru neru nerune (a whipped foam) and a chocolate sauce...
Here's everything you get in the kit. The packet has instructions on (with clear pictures if you can't read Japanese.) There's not much to this one- you add one cup of water and mix with the first packet and then add the second packet make the strawberry foam, and then mix a cup of water with the third packet for the chocolate sauce- everything you need is provided except for the water!
And here's what it looks like when it's done! You can then dip the wafers into the sauces and then dip into the pastel coloured puffed rice :) This is definitely one of the easier candy kits and also one of the tastiest! Some candy kits can be a bit dodgy taste wise but this one was really good. My only moan was that they could have put another wafer or two ( they only gave two.) If you haven't tried candy kits before I'd definitely recommend this one as a good one to start with. Overall I give it the thumbs up!
You can buy this candy kit here from Oyatsu Cafe for just £2.11

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