Payday haul...

I need to stop making the mistake of going into Primark on payday! I saw they had Batman shoes. BATMAN SHOES. How could I not buy them?! They also had batman nail files, and a manicure set. I don't do manicures but it had Catwoman on the case so I got it.

In Boots I picked up my current favourite shampoo: Toni & Guy Cleanse. It really annoys me that my favourite shampoo is so expensive -_- and in HMV I picked up earphones to add to my stock of back up headphones (I use them all the time and am paranoid they are going to break so I have many back ups!) and also a Louis Theroux book- I'm a big fan of his documentaries and have been watching them constantly on Netflix lately so thought this would be a good read.

This stuff was from Tesco... yes, I was supposed to be buying food but they had a sale on pens ffs so what was I supposed to do?!! I also got the Nivea in shower moisturiser which I love- you use it like a shower gel at the end of your shower and wash it off and ta-da you're all moisturised. It does actually work too! :) 

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