Marvel Collector Corps June: Women of Power...

 As soon as Junes theme of 'Women of Power' was announced for MCC- the Marvel subscription box I ordered straight away as I do love the woman of Marvel and love the idea of them taking centre stage for once. This is my first MCC box and I found the service to be very good- they swiftly responded to an email and were very friendly, and the box had full tracking available on line throughout. Marvel also deliver all UK boxes to a depot first and then via Royal Mail so there are no dreaded customs charges. This box cost me £30 when converted from dollars and every item promises to be an exclusive product. So lets see what's inside...  

 All MCC boxes come with a t shirt, patch and pin. The shirt is a simple Spider Gwen design but I really like it matched with the grey. The shirt itself is soft and feels a decent quality- although it is quite thin material but I tend to find that's the case with most tees from the US.
 The patch is a very cool Ms Marvel design, and the pin is Spider Woman- I must admit I know nothing about this character but she looks pretty badass.
All MCC boxes come with at least one Funko product and this month we got three! A Squirrel Girl Pop with a mini Tippy Toes and two mystery minis. I LOVE the Squirrel Girl pop! I am really enjoying her current run in the comics and am really pleased they included this character in the box :)

 The mystery minis weren't really a mystery as the box told you which characters they were but I don't care because we got She-Hulk and Captain Marvel- two iconic women of Marvel. I would love a mini's series featuring some more of the ladies of Marvel... how cool would that be?!

Squirrel Girl unboxed 

The final item was a copy of issue 1 of Civil War 2 featuring a variant cover. It's not a series I'm currently reading but I'm really not a fan of the Funko style artwork... I feel like a variant of A Force would have been more fitting. Overall though I'm very happy with the box- I love most of the items, and although I'm a little disappointed we didn't get anything featuring Black Widow, Medusa, Scarlet Witch, Storm, Mystique, Hellcat, Rogue (there's so many amazing characters to choose from, a collage print would have been A+) I understand they could only include a few and on the whole I'm happy with the contents :) 
What do you think?

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