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Garbage- Strange Little Birds (2016)
Garbage are my all time favourite band and have been for around the last 17 years. This is their sixth album and I've been (im)patiently waiting for this for a while! I think this is their strongest album in a long time, with all the songs complimenting each other as a whole. They've embraced their rougher edges and made the most of what they do best: weird, dark, goth tinged songs. The lyrics are some of their most intimate and Shirley sounds like the badass queen that she is. 
Stand out songs: Night Drive Loneliness, Blackout, Teaching Little Fingers to Play.

The Kills- Ash & Ice (2016)
The fifth album from indie rock duo The Kills, the best way I can describe it is classic Kills- if you are a fan of the band you will enjoy this album and if you weren't then there's nothing crazily new here that would change your mind. The one main edition is that there are a whole lot more synths here, which in my opinion is a good thing as I am a sucker for a good synth! I also think Alison's voice here sounds better than ever.
Stand out songs: Doing it to Death, Heart of a Dog, Siberian Nights

All Saints- Red Flag (2016)
As a nineties kid I of course liked the Spice Girls but All Saints were always the girl band for me. More grown up, tougher and full of sass they had some really great songs (that I still love). They came back with a new album this year and I had to buy it out of nostalgia, but it actually is a really good album. Full of their signature sound of laid back trip hop influenced pop this makes a great listen.
Stand out songs: One Strike, Summer Rain, This is War

Melanie Martinez- Cry Baby (2014)
Melanie Martinez sound is kind of hard to describe- it's strange pop with a bit of electro and goth thrown in. If you like Marina and the Diamonds you'll probably like this, but I also hear influences of Coco Rosie and Jack Off Jill in there. The artwork and aesthetics are just as much a part of the music and I look forward to seeing what she comes out with next...
Stand out songs: Cry Baby, Training Wheels, Milk and Cookies

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