June and July reading round up...

Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty
One of the reasons I didn't get a whole lot read over the last few months is this damn book! It took me a month to finally finish and I wished I'd have just given up on it as I really didn't enjoy it so I took forever to get through it. About triplets this was very slow. Just not my kind of book. 2/5

Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes
You by Kepnes (review here) was one of my favourite books of last years so I was very excited to read the follow up. Unfortunately I was hugely disappointed. In the first book psychopath Joe was strangely likeable and funny, in this one he was just arrogant and annoying. In You Joe methodically stalked Beck to worm his way into her life, in this book every woman in a mile perimeter threw themselves at him so he didn't need to. The first book was dark, clever well written and funny, Hidden Bodies sadly was none of those things. 2/5

Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake by Natasha Allegri
This was an Adventure Time tale where all the characters were gender switched hence Fionna and cake rather than Finn and Jake. I read this on the beach and it was a fun easy read. The artwork, font and colours were beautiful and I love Prince Gumball! 4/5

Batgirl Vol.1 Batgirl of Burnside by Stewart, Fletcher & Tarr
A reboot of Batgirl where student Babs relocates to Burnside- the hipster part of Gotham. Babs Tarr's artwork in this is definitely the highlight but the story was a bit meh. Trying to be modern the villain was some cyber hacker...social media...blah- he was forgettable. Most of the characters were teens so maybe I'm just too old now but my favourite character by far was Black Canary, who as an adult was the opposite of a voice of reason and thankfully was her usual badass self. 3/5

Saga Volume 6 by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples
As usual another amazing volume. This is quite possibly my favourite current comic series, just brilliant! 4/5

Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor Weapons of Past Destruction by Scott Caven
I wanted to try a Doctor Who comic and opted for this one as it had Rose in. The artwork was mostly brilliant and they really captured the ninth Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack's likeness perfectly. As for the story it was a bog standard Doctor Who tale and another nit pick is in trying to get each characters dialogue accurate they ended up lifting actual lines from the show which was annoying. 3/5 

The Violent Vol.1 Blood Like Tar by Brisson & Gorham
It was nice to find a good thriller/drama/crime comic amongst the endless super heroes and sci-fi. About a couple who are trying to leave their drug and crime addled past behind for the sake of their young daughter this was dark and well written. The shadowy artwork lent itself well to the story. Sadly after the first arc this one got cancelled, but Brisson will be setting up a kickstarter for the next volume soon. 4/5 

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