Pink Parcel August 2016....

  Pink Parcel is a 'luxury period subscription box' that sends you a monthly supply of tampons and/or pads and a selection of treats including tea, something sweet and other goodies. You can see my post for the June box here, I forgot to post about the July box... oops!
 This is what it looks like when you open the box, you get a big supply of towels or tampons and then a box of other treats.

So here are this months treats... some matcha green tea, a box of gummy bears, Sunkissed shimmer dust brush, So Susan Haute Light pencil, a Cougar Beauty 24 Hour liquid lipstick (my favourite item, I've been wearing it a LOT), Sass intimate perfect skin concentrate, Emily fruit crisps, and finally an Estella Bartlett bracelet.

Overall I thought this was a good box with a nice selection and I love the packaging of the apple crisps!

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