Recent comic pulls...

I've been trying to cut down on my single issue subscriptions and have actually been doing pretty well, but here are a few recent titles...

Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat
I love this Marvel series, I've always liked Hellcat and She-Hulk and now that Jessica Jones is in it it's even more exciting! This one is a lot of fun and the artwork is bold and colourful to match.

Bitch Planet
This is a great series from Image that is set in a future where 'non compliant women' are sent to a prison referred to as bitch planet. With strong feminist overtones, and retro style art this is a very empowering read. It is also worth getting in single issues as there's lots of extra content including interesting essays and thought pieces which you don't get in the trades.

Paper Girls
One of my current favourite comics this is like a comic version of Stranger Things but with badass girls! I love it and the often pastel toned artwork by Cliff Chaing is perfect.

Kill or Be Killed
This is a new series by Ed Brubaker which I believe is a thriller although I don't know a huge amount about it. I mainly got it because I usually like his stuff (especially his work on Catwoman and Fatale). He tends to stick to noir so I got issue one to give it a go.

This is a series I've been subbed to since the beginning, although I need to start reading this again as my issues are piling up. Featuring all the women of Marvel in an Avengers type team this is a great read, and the artwork is very beautiful.

Batgirl Rebirth
Batgirl and the Birds of Prey Rebirth
I've been getting quite a few of these rebirth issues from DC to see which ones I want to continue reading. As a fan of Batgirl I had to get this especially since this new story takes her to Japan. I love the Birds of Prey and was interested to give this reboot a go, I must admit I'm not to keen on the art style although Black Canary (one of my favourites) doesn't look as bad as the original images suggested.

Another new Image title, this one is about a fashion blogger who secretly suffers from many allergies hence the name. I read the preview of this and it looked fun and the artwork was really nice so I thought why not!

Montress Volume 1
Finally I got the first volume of Monstress, a mix of steam punk and art deco that tells the story of Maika a badass teenaged survivor of a war that mixes eastern and western styles. I've heard a lot of amazing things about this so can't wait to read it.

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