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Deadpool (2015)
For some reason I was expecting to not like this but it ended up surprising me. I really enjoyed the way they turned the superhero origin story on it's head by going back and forwards in time and opening with the superhero suited up and mid battle. There was a lot of humour (i really enjoyed the not so subtle digs towards the X Men films) and I loved Negasonic Teenage Warhead. 3.5/5

The Burning Plain (2009)
I am quite a fan of Charlize Theron so have been trying to watch some her films that I've not yet seen. This is about a woman trying to run away from her difficult past but is forced to face it. There are dual stories that are connected and the acting is just brilliant. If you like a good emotional drama then you'll enjoy this. 4/5 

iZombie Series 1 & 2
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. I've been waiting for this show to be available in the UK ever since it was announced, after loving the comic book series (reviewed here) and now it's available to watch on Netflix. The show is only loosely based on the comics, about a young woman called Liv who gets turned into a zombie and must eat brains to stay "human". Whenever she eats a brain she gets flashbacks of the persons memories which come in handy when she gets a job at the police morgue and helps solve murders under the guise of a psychic adviser. If you love Buffy you will love this show- I'm sure it was a big influence as it has a kick ass female protagonist, a lovable scooby gang, lots of humour and even a Spike-esque baddie that you can't help but like! 5/5

Stranger Things
This is the new hyped Netflix show and I had to see what all the fuss was about. After a slow first couple of episodes the story really picked up and I thought it was a brilliant sci-fi/ horror well worth your time. Set in the eighties with a great synthy soundtrack about kids going missing, a monster with no face and a girl with special powers. A lot of the cast were kids and it had a strong Spielberg / E.T feel to it. It also made me think that this is exactly how Paper Girls (current favourite comic) would look if it was made into a TV show. 4/5

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