The Book People haul...

A while back I made my first order with the online discounted book shop The Book People. Not only do they have a big range of highly discounted books but they also do book bundles based on author or genre. So here's what I bought....
I'm ashamed to say I've never read anything by civil rights activist Maya Angelou. The bundle includes her first two memoirs and a poetry collection (£4.99 here) 

Patricia Highsmith, most known for her psychological thrillers is an author I've wanted to read for a long time. This bundle includes four of her novels and a short story collection- I love these covers too! (£5.99 here)

 I also bought this bundle of three short story collections by women writers. I enjoy short stories a lot and thought this would be a great way to find new writers I like. There are a huge range of writers here from modern to classic and various nationalities. (£3.99 here)

Finally I bought a book called Why Does My Cat Do That, predominantly to bump my order up to free shipping but it is actually very interesting if you have a cat! (£2.99 here)

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