Halloween film picks on Netflix...

Seeing as Halloween is nearly upon us I thought I would give you a selection of horror film picks that you can find on Netflix to suit any taste...

What We Do in the Shadows (2014)....the horror comedy
"Vampire housemates try to cope with the complexities of modern life and show a newly turned hipster some of the perks of being undead."
If you like your horror with a lot of comedy then you will love this film. In the style of a mockumentary this is just brilliant- if you are a fan of Flight of the Conchords then you need to watch this!

Childs Play (1988)... the cheesy classic
"Gunned down by Detective Mike Norris, dying murderer Charles Lee Ray uses black magic to put his soul inside a doll named Chucky -- which Karen Barclay then buys for her young son, Andy."
This is classic 80's cheese, with dodgy effects and well dodgy everything really. Still, this film is a lot of fun!

The Human Centipede (2009)... the weird and fucked up
"A deranged surgeon plans to make his morbid fantasy come true by suturing three people together through their gastric systems."
Yep, this film is not for the faint hearted! Personally after watching this I kind of wished I hadn't but if you're into it Netflix also has the TWO sequels?! I think I'll pass.

Saw (2004)...the sort of modern classic
"Photographer Adam Stanheight and oncologist Lawrence Gordon regain consciousness while chained to pipes at either end of a filthy bathroom. As the two men realise they've been trapped by a sadistic serial killer nicknamed "Jigsaw" and must complete his perverse puzzle to live."
Ok, so this is no where near the best modern horror film but I had to work with what I had and Netflix don't have the best selection when it comes to quality horror. This film still spawned a new genre of "torture porn" style horror which you will either love or hate and is definitely worth a watch (this ones not too gory compared to the million over the top sequels.)

The Craft (1996)... the 90s goth classic
"After transferring to a Los Angeles high school, Sarah finds that her telekinetic gift appeals to a group of three wannabe witches, who happen to be seeking a fourth member for their rituals."
If like me you love 90s films then this is the Halloween watch for you. This is quintessential 90s and you've got to love the iconic goth style (that I definitely tried to emulate as a teenager.) This is Mean Girls but with actual witches.

Stigmata (1999)... the underrated gem
"A young woman with no strong religious beliefs, Frankie Paige begins having strange and violent experiences, showing signs of the wounds that Jesus received when crucified. When the Vatican gets word of Frankie's situation, a high-ranking cardinal requests that the Rev. Andrew Kiernan investigate her case. Soon Kiernan realizes that very sinister forces are at work, and tries to rescue Frankie from the entity that is plaguing her."
As mentioned above I love 90s films and I have a special love for this one. Its a decent thriller/ horror but I love it for the fact it is so 90s (it even has a great soundtrack by Billy Corgan!) and I also like religious themed horrors too. 

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)... the vampire mash up
"On the run from a bank robbery that left several police officers dead, Seth Gecko and his paranoid, loose-cannon brother, Richard, hightail it to the Mexican border. Kidnapping preacher Jacob Fuller and his kids, the criminals sneak across the border in the family's RV and hole up in a topless bar. Unfortunately, the bar also happens to be home base for a gang of vampires, and the brothers and their hostages have to fight their way out."
Another 90s film... sorry (not sorry) this is a classic. There is so much to enjoy here from the crazy characters, the comedy and the fun vampire battle. If you are a Tarantino fan you'll love it.

The Wicker Man (2006).... the 'so bad it's hilarious'
"A reclusive lawman travels to a secluded island to search for a girl who has gone missing. Once there, he discovers sinister forces at work among the island's secretive residents, including strange sexual rituals, a harvest festival and possible human sacrifice."
Of course here I'm talking about the inexplicable remake starring the legendary Nicholas Cage. It's worth watching alone for the unintentional comedy of Cage's acting but the classic bee scene is not to be missed. If you want a laugh this Halloween then put this on and enjoy.

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So that's my Halloween film picks from Netflix. What are yours?

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