Just some random pictures from September...
 My Paper Girls poster from Image + magazine has found a place in my work corner :)
 There was an interesting essay in the back of Glitterbomb issue 1 about a women's experience working in Hollywood and this line really stood out to me
 Pizza Hut warm cookie dough and ice cream can't be beat! 
 I had a bad few weeks and my sister bought me these beautiful roses to cheer me up
More from issue 1 of Glitterbomb (it was very good!) it's a horror set in the world of Hollywood as a middle aged actress struggles to find work and the artwork is brilliant.
 My kind of Autumn/Winter TBR (if I stick to it) I wanted to start reading some Wintery books. Also my very cute new coffee cup from Ikea... I love this time of year! :)
Now that's it getting cold It means Lush baths! I got ahead with my uni work so treated myself to the Sakura bath bomb which is inspired by the cherry blossom in Japan and is lovely.

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